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Monique V. Hines is a serial entrepreneur. She is also an author, empowerment speaker, emotional life coach, and creative visionary of Right Way Living and Right Way Publishing & Consulting, LLC. She started RWL because of her spirituality and faith in God.

Through spiritual assessments, self-awareness, and continued self-development, her businesses evolved. Her journey began with a pen and a sheet of paper. Journaling became a tool for birthing her first novel titled, “Moving Forward Walking In Faith Not Fear”. Her second book, a journal/workbook titled, “Moving Forward To Fulfill Your Destiny”, was created as a tool to move people forward on the pathway to their dreams. After many years of negative thinking, the key to her success was reprogramming her mindset. What ideas, concepts, and inventions lie dormant inside of you, waiting to be birthed from the inside out?


The company’s mission is to teach others how a spiritually-centered lifestyle can manifest into prosperity. It is not simply for financial gain but for prosperity in our time, health, relationships, resources, finances, and overall well-being. We strive on coaching individuals to be whole organizationally, physically, spiritually, financially, and emotionally. It’s a brand for a positive lifestyle. Our goals are to inspire, nourish, uplift, encourage, and empower individuals into active faith which produces results on a daily basis. Creation capitalization is the key. Everything we create, we own it! “We can accomplish anything to which we have set our minds on as long as we strive to do it right! Dream the possible dreams.”

What makes Right Way Publishing & Consulting, and Right Way Living any different from other consulting firms? We offer time-tested solutions for life’s challenges. Ms. Hines has personally weathered the spiritual storms of life, now she is re- building her life one obstacle at a time. She is an overcomer through the words of her testimonies of trials and tribulations. RWP’s purpose is to empower others to share their stories with individuals around the world through written word.


Meet the public relations specialist behind JR. FLIPS! Monique V. Hines is the CEO of Visionpreneurs 360 and the Founder of Right Way Living&Publishing companies. She is a leader, speaker, mentor, consultant, author, and public relations manager with over six years of experience in business administration. Her first novel, Moving Forward Walking In Faith Not Fear was published in 2017 and her second book was released in 2018. Monique is a certified life-coach who specializes in emotional intelligence. Her mission is to empower individuals to grow spiritually, organizationally, emotionally, financially, and physically to establish a purpose-driven lifestyle.


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