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25 Businesses Kids Can Start For Under $500!

25 Businesses Kids Can Start For Under $500 gives children ages 4-17 ideas of how to get started.

Written by Alianna V. Hines.

Starting at $10 & Up


Moving Forward To Fulfill Your Destiny

Moving Forward To Fulfill Your Destiny is an action tool created as a workbook. Written by Monique V. Hines.

Starting at $10 & Up


How To Become A Kid Entrepreneur: Why Choose One When You Can Become All 3?

How To Become A Kid Entrepreneur gives you the blueprint for starting your own business.

Written by Skyler M. Hines.

Starting at $15 & Up


Personal Consulting

Visionpreneurs 360 offers one on one coaching sessions with our experts. Take the first step today with one simple click!

Starting at $75/Hr


Credit Counseling

Lets Chat! We are happy to speak with you about our products and services. Please note this call is limited to 20 minutes only.

Starting at $150 & Up


Professional Consulting

Visionpreneurs 360 will provide consulting services to new and existing business owners. We also perform copyright, trademark, for-profit and non-profit registrations.

Starting at $350 & Up


Marketing Services

Visionpreneurs 360 offers customized marketing plans and print services. We print on business cards, retractable banners, fliers, t-shirts, folders, logos, and tablecloths. Call today for a complete list of pricing.

Starting at $350 & Up


Advertisement Services

Visionpreneurs 360 will create customized ads, brochures, booklets and 30 second promotional videos to advertise your product or services.

Starting at $350 & Up


Administrative Support

Visionpreneurs 360 will provide administrative and technical support to new and existing businesses.

Starting at $350 & Up


Financial Resolutions

Visionpreneurs 360 will provide services to help individuals and corporations manage their credit and money.

Starting at $350 & Up


Web Design

Visionpreneurs 360 offers web hosting and design services to create innovative websites. Pricing includes a landing page plus two additional pages.

Starting at $350 & Up


Business Plans

Visionpreneurs 360 will create a customized business plan for your industry.

Starting at $350 & Up


Public Relations

Visionpreneurs 360 will become your new brand ambassador! We will manage news, media, draft press releases and maintain social media profiles.

Starting at $2500 & Up


Manifest Your Vision into A Reality

  • Logo

  • Website


  • Business Consulting

  • Micro Business Plan

  • Business Name Registration

  • Customized Visionpreneurs 360 Action Plan

Starting at $3500 & Up

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